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Safe Standing

Safe standing is a Football Supporters' Federation (FSF) campaign initiative that began in around 2004 by a group of fans who were fed up of been told to sit down by stewards when all they wanted to do was create a bit of atmosphere from behind the goals so they set up a fans' internet forum called 'Stand Up Sit Down'. They had expert advise on their side with a great understanding of the legislation around all-seater stadia and the regulations that all Premier and Football League clubs have to adopt in order to be granted a licesense for football stadiums. Active campaigners would influence football club fan online chat forums and an online petition was launched.


In 2007/8 season Stand Up for the Bantams was launched with the help of the FSF in the form of a petition which got well over 600 names to it, showing Bradford City that many fans sympathised with the idea of a choice to stand up in a safe designated area of the ground.


The FSF campaign for safe standing does not advocate a return to 'old style' terracing but rather calls for football clubs to adopt 'railed seating' which is what exists in Germany: - Railed seated areas with the technology where seats can fold up or flip up and there are sturdy barriers along every seated row.


Notibly, the FSF's biggest success has been influencing many clubs in the Premier and Football League to support safe standing as many clubs representatives have made supportive statements to the safe standing idea. In February 2014, 78% of clubs responding to the key question on approaching the government to seek a review of the law had said ‘Yes’ in a Football League consultation exercise.


In February 2014, the Football League called for a 'Safe Standing' Pilot, in July 2014, the Welsh Assembly gave their support and Safe Standing currently features in the Lib-Dem 2015 manifesto.


We hope that the Club will give due consideration to including Safe Standing provisions as and when the opportunity arises through any ground development plans (subject to the necessary changes being made to the Regulations)


For or details of safe standing, please go to the Football Supporters Federation and

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