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What is the Trust?

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Sep 17 2021 07:17AM

Who we are

Bantams Supporters Trust is unique as it seeks to influence our Club in putting fans’ interests at the heart of everything it does.

As a Mutual Benefit Society, we are a not-for-profit organization based on democratic and representative principles, and exist independently of the club.

We were set up in 2002 when Bradford City was in financial crisis after it became clear that ex-Chairman Geoffrey Richmond had mismanaged the Clubs’ finances. In 2004, we played a leading role in fundraising for the ‘Save Our City’ campaign that raised £250,000 to keep our Club in business.

Being part of a wider supporters movement

Bantams Supporters Trust, are one 140 plus Supporters Trusts in the UK, and all English and Welsh football supporters Trusts are affiliated to the national football supporters body, FSA (Football Supporters Association). On issues that affect all supporters, we are at our most effective, standing together in unison.

What we do

We are in touch regularly with:

• Trust members and City fans by email, social media and special surveys to find out your views

• The club by meeting directly with CEO Ryan Sparks and as a member of the club’s Supporters’ Board

• National networks of other fans in League One and League Two clubs through the Football Supporters Association (FSA)

• Local community groups such as Bangla Bantams

• Local organisations such as the Independent Advisory Group of West Yorkshire Police

We raise money that:

• goes back to the club through player sponsorship and other routes,

• supports local charities such as the Plastic Surgery and Burns Unit

• or other good causes such as the Bradford City Women’s Football Club

Our job is to use all our contacts to identify issues of concern to City fans, to represent your interests, and to make a difference with practical initiatives.

How we go about our work

We are all volunteers, led by Trust Board Members and Officers elected at our AGM.

All members can participate in the AGM, submit their own motions for democratic decision or put themselves forward as candidates to be elected on to the Board.

The Trust Board meets monthly and Board Members are accountable to our members generally.

What are our current priorities?

We are working on a number of issues at the moment:

• Keeping football affordable in all manner of ways.

• Listing Valley Parade as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) with Bradford Council.

• Trialing Safe Standing.

• Contributing to the Government’s Fan-led Review, the best chance in years to influence government policy in fans’ favour, in order to narrow the gap between the poorest and wealthiest clubs and to strengthen supporter representation within the game.

• Moving towards a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as a formal agreement with the club that will identify common ground and deepen the relationship between our club and its supporters.

How do I Join the Trust?

The basic membership of the Trust is free, and open to all Bradford City supporters.

Join the Trust for free here.

We also have Patron members, who support the Trust financially by paying an annual subscription by standing order. The amount is your choice, from £3 a year upwards. Patron members help us cover our costs and enable us to give back even more to the club and other good causes.

Become a Patron Member here.

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