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UK Football Policing Unit Survey

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Sep 14 2021 08:14AM

The UK Football Policing Unit would like to seek your views on policing at football fixtures and have created a survey to ask for your thoughts based on your experiences of attending football.

The Trust attends the West Yorkshire Police Football Supporters Independent Advisory Board (IAG) meetings and is interested to hear your views so we encourage members / City fans, especially those of you who travel to fill in this survey.

Also, we can facilitate a meeting with the Dedicated Football Officer (DFO) for Bradford, Rupert Kendrick in attendance for supporters to ask questions, raise issues and discuss ways on enhancing supporter / police relations. If you are interested in attending something like this please contact us at [email protected]

Fill in the survey here.

If you have any queries with the survey please contact the UKFPU directly via [email protected]

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Sep 15 2021 02:22PM by Margaret calvert

Don't do away games unfortunately but sometimes I think home games are not policed enough and other over policed.

Sep 15 2021 06:08PM by John Watmough

I would just like to add a word of praise for the police presence outside Valley Parade following the Walsall game on 4th September. They maintained law and order for those exiting VP on Midland Road despite severe provocation from certain individuals who appeared intent on causing trouble. These miscreants were firmly dealt with, so allowing law abiding supporters to leave the area safely.

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