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Tackling football's relationship with gambling

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Mar 15 2021 03:04PM

The 'Big Step' is formed by people with lived experience of gambling harm, including Gambling with Lives, a charity set up by bereaved families of people who took their own lives because of their gambling addiction. Together, they have walked over 350 miles to 26 different football clubs with gambling relationships in England and Scotland to raise awareness of the harm gambling causes.

On the 6th and 7th of March, they walked 1137 miles – the same distance it would take to visit every football club in England, Wales and Scotland that has listed an official club gambling sponsor or partner. They also invited the general public to participate in their own way at home to raise money.

They wrote to us inviting us to support their campaigning work to help raise the message about gambling awareness and the damage it can do to individuals and their families.

Big Step have a petition recently been signed by Gary Lineker and Peter Shilton. When you have signed it please share.

You may have seen this recent BBC Sport article featuring an open letter from them to 11 football clubs regarding direct gambling promotion on social media.

The group asked us for a quote to support their campaign for an article they were writing on the gambling industry's hold on the beautiful game. There are quotes from Arsenal Independant Supporters Association, The Argyle Fans' Trust, Wycombe Wanderers' Trust and Wallsall Supporters Alliance as well as ours. You can read the article in full here.

We’re helping them reaching out to you in the hope you will use your platform as a supporters’ club to help us protect children and those at risk of gambling addiction.

Please support this advocacy project in any way you can. You can help them reach more people by sharing this article and signing their petition.

Here are the links in full:

To sign the petition its:

To look at the recent BBC article it’s:

To see read the blog article from the Big Step its:

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