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Survey findings regarding attitudes to the return to stadiums

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Sep 16 2021 07:03AM

The findings of the FSA survey about attitudes to the return to stadiums shared with the EFL show what most people would’ve expected.

A majority, were willing to return as soon as the season started. Identity of being a football fan was major factor and that a desire to get back to normal was strong.

While the survey that initially went live in early July reveal an eagerness to return to stadiums this season, asking all age groups of both men and women, a significant minority had said they felt apprehensive.

Some fans delaying their return

Waiting to see how a return to stadiums would impact on the pandemic and wanting to see their clubs demonstrate they were safe for fans to return were the main factors in apprehensiveness in returning too hastily.

Other findings reveal that:

Most fans were opposed to reduced capacities or masks being made compulsory, and that away attendances would not be expected to fall once the season had begun.

For a more in depth look at how fans responded including figures, and who completed the survey, please see more here.

These findings were shown to the Club and Supporters Board, and it was felt that the Club had provided the appropriate Covid guidance measures in place, such as publishing it’s guidance policy on its website and signage around the ground as well as providing other measures such as sanitizer, contactless payments and so on within the stadium.

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