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Our Survey Findings

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Jul 5 2021 09:04AM

Our Survey put out in mid-March provided us with some interesting findings as to how you have been following City throughout the pandemic, and your post-pandemic concerns.

We would like to thank all of you who took the time to fill out this survey. There were 112 who filled it in which the Trust Board is very happy about as it is up from our previous online survey of last season (19/20).

We have already presented our figures to the Club and the Trust Board, who both agree, generally speaking, that they reflect a trend that is in line with how the Club has seen supporters’ issues and concerns.

Most of you that have participated in this survey are season-ticket holders, who have continued to watch City home and away via the EFL’s iFollow streaming network. Although you report some technical issues, you still see it as good value for money at £10 for away matches.

Most of you were happy with the Club’s ‘Claret’ and ‘Amber’ way of dealing with ground restrictions on a ‘first come first served’ basis. This is something the Club knew about already, and once restrictions are lifted, most of you are happy to return to see the start of the new season as soon as possible.

The price of the season ticket at the time the survey took place was £150, and most of you were happy to pay a bit more. This is reflected in the Club’s more recent survey, but the difference between the Club’s and our survey is that we asked for reasons why. A significant number were happy to pay more to cover losses due to Covid (59.70%), or to improve stadium facilities (58.21%), and a significant number also said that they would pay more to help secure the ground as a community-owned stadium (49.25%).

Financially, with regards to who should bear the brunt of the Covid costs on Clubs, we were surprised that the EFL came out on top. We were expecting the Premier League (PL) and/or Government to score even higher than they did, because these had the wealth to alleviate the Covid costs borne by EFL Clubs.

The ground lease payments to Gordon Gibb’s Pension Fund are currently higher than we previously thought, now at £450,000. Most of you thought this was an issue for the Club. This response is in line with what members thought last season, which is why we want to pursue registering Valley Parade as an ACV.

In terms of match day prices for the post-Covid return to the stadium, most of you felt that £25 for a ticket was too high, which we agree with.

Finally, we had proposed the idea of a lottery based on the format of the existing one but used instead to raise money for improving facilities within the Club. While most were in favour, a significant number were opposed, with a large dose of ‘don’t knows’.

To sum up, we found these findings useful because there is a significant number who would pay more for improvements in the Clubs’ facilities within the stadium if the Club needs to lean on its fan base in the coming years. These surveys go hand in hand with our role in facilitating fan engagement with both the Club directly and through the Supporters Board.

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Jul 5 2021 09:10PM by Gary Eastwood

Glad to see all the ground improvements,catering deals in place as all will improve the fans match day experience.A big well done to Ryan Sparks and colleagues.

Jul 7 2021 09:28AM by Michael Pountney

The ground rental is an enormous drain on the Club's resources and I agree that somehow this needs to be addressed

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