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By Bradford City Supporters Trust, May 11 2021 07:06AM

Thirty-six years ago on this day, 11th May 1985, we remember the 54 Bradford City fans and 2 Lincoln City fans along with all who were touched by the events of that day.

The Club will be host an online memorial service - marking the 36th anniversary of the Valley Parade Fire Disaster.

A physical memorial service, will not take place in Bradford’s Centenary Square amid the ongoing threat of COVID-19.

The club will collectively pause from 11.00am today to pay tribute to the 56 people who passed in the 1985 disaster.

Where to watch the service

The Burns Unit - based at the University of Bradford - was established shortly after the 1985 tragedy, in a bid to aid those who suffer from similar injuries.

Whilst we would usually assist with the annual bucket collection you can still donate to the PSBRU (Unit (Plastic Surgery and Burns Research Unit) through the Club's virtual ticket initiative which are still available here.

You’ll Never Walk Alone.

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, May 7 2021 08:20AM

Congratulations to Elliot Watt in winning the Supporters Trust Young Player Of Year for this season 20/21.

Elliot Watt won a well deserved majority by a long chalk by you the members, and we would like to thank you for taking part in the process.

Paudie O’ Connor picked up 13 awards in the Bradford City Player Of The Year Awards last night as well. To find out who won what in all the categories, check out the Club’s news item on it here.

You can also click here to watch the online awards ceremony event.

Thank you once again for voting this year.

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By Bradford City Supporters Trust, May 6 2021 07:06AM

Bradford City’s Player Of The Year Awards will be held live online as part of a Ceremony this evening, May 6th, from 7pm on the Club’s official social media channels.

There are several awards from an array of different supporters groups and Club sponsors’. Find out who wins the Trust’s Young Player Of The Year Award and many others by watching tonight.

To find out the full list of categories and all the social media channels, check out the Club’s news item on it here.

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, May 3 2021 09:41AM

Bantams Supporters Trust has an online survey we have been running since early March. This is the second survey we have rolled out of its kind and can be filled in by all City fans, not just Trust Members.

Our survey covers:

• How you have been watching City during this Covid season and whether there have been any technical issues.

• How you plan to return to Valley Parade when the new season begins once fans can return pending restrictions.

• Whether you think the ‘Claret’ and ‘Amber’ system on a ‘first come first served basis’ (which was to be adopted earlier this season and in all probability will be adopted, restrictions pending, for next season) works.

It also asks:

• Who should pay the price of Covid in football?

• The value of your season ticket, and if you would be prepared to pay more, and whether match day prices in a non-restriction, post Covid era should stay the same.

In relation to cost:

• It also asks if the Clubs’ financial position concerns you and the cost of the ground rent.

These are just highlights of the survey, and it is very easy to fill in and should only take 5 minutes of your time. Here is our survey:

Our surveys are important to us as they give us an indication of your views, and the more of you that fill these surveys in, the bigger the impact of our influence when we engage with our Club.

If you’re not already a Member, we encourage all City fans to join the Supporters Trust. It is here for you. Join us today here.

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By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Apr 29 2021 07:30AM

Bantams Supporters Trust are united with the whole of football and supporters groups to oppose online social media abuse towards players, managers, and anybody who’s anybody in the game.

Unfortunately with increasing regularity, abuse is meted towards those connected with our football clubs especially if results are not going the right way.

Today, Friday 30th April, from 3pm until 11.59 on Monday 3rd May, the FA, Premier League, EFL, FA Women’s Super League, FA Women’s Championship, PFA, LMA, PGMOL, Kick It Out, Women in Football and the Football Supporters’ Association will unite for a social media boycott.

“The Football Supporters’ Association is fully behind the game’s efforts to stamp out online hate and discrimination and will join next weekend’s social media boycott. Much media attention has rightly focused on the vile abuse aimed at players, managers and journalists in the men’s and women’s game and we see that aimed at fan groups too. It has to stop.

“Many of our most active fan groups tell us that they have received disgusting abuse when they are doing nothing more than trying to represent their supporter base. It’s a threat to the very existence of supporter organisations who are run by volunteers in their spare time. As fans we stand with players, managers, referees and all in the game in calling for the social media companies to step up.” Kevin Miles, Chief Executive of the Football Supporters’ Association, 24th April.

Read the FSA’s statement on the boycott here.

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By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Apr 28 2021 08:26AM

Last week the European Super League was defeated within 24 hours of reports that the big 6 Premier League Clubs were announcing they were jumping ship.

The white-hot anger of fans has ensured that the Super League has been stopped in its tracks. But the fight for meaningful football reform and genuine fan engagement from Clubs out of this mess is just beginning.

Bantams Supporters Trust believes that if this was ever to see light of day, it would in the long-term impact on Clubs like ours as the Premier League as a competition would be seriously damaged.

The marketisation and commodification of football and it’s fans has spun out of control since the formation of the Premier League, where players wages sky rocketed and match day and season ticket prices became out of reach for ordinary supporters. There is an interesting article about how football mixed with big business has alienated many fans, written by an Exeter fan here. It is certainly evocative.

Fans must be at the heart of governance review

The FSA have been calling for the Government to conduct a fan-led review since the Government had it as an election pledge. Under pressure culminating from the mess of the now foiled plans of the ‘big 6’, on the 19th, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport secretary of state Oliver Dowden announced the launch of the fan-led review of football governance, See the FSA’s Statement here.

On the 22nd April its Terms of Reference were announced. You can see the link to this FSA’s article here.

FSA statement on the European Super League when it broke out can be found here.

The FSA Chief Executive, Kevin Miles, with fans representatives and senior officials including Government ministers on the 20th April. There is a statement about that meeting here.

As affiliated members of FSA, we are also part of Football Supporters Europe (FSE), they also put out a statement, you can read here.

What was the motive for the European Super League?

It is pretty clear that the insatiable need for profit is clear, but also just look at the debts of those Clubs involved in the European Super League.

The current debt of all 12 European Super League clubs

Atletico – £804m

Barcelona – £1.030bn

Real Madrid – £651m

Arsenal – £405m

Chelsea – £224m

Liverpool – £386m

Man City – £202m

Man Utd – £771m

Tottenham – £1.177bn

Inter – £757m

Juventus – £752m

Milan – £247m

Total debt £7.406 billion

Remember ‘Project Big Picture’ in October last year?

This involved the same ‘big 6’ Premier League Clubs attempting to re-organise the Premier League from 20 Clubs to 18. These ‘big 6’ Clubs along with Everton, Southampton and West Ham would have the majority shareholding voting rights, with the ‘big 6’ being aloud to veto or pass certain rules. Furthermore, their proposals would’ve done away with the League Cup and Charity Shield, and all this was to be accepted by the EFL on a bribe of £250m to be redistributed to them. The key point that is often missed is that, their offer to the EFL would not have been new money. It was based on existing models of TV money income distribution where the ‘big 6’ would financially benefit immensely at the expense of the bottom 12 PL Clubs to pay for it. That is what is so scandalous about it. Fortunately, this didn’t go ahead but it wouldn’t be surprising if something similar is to reappear in the future as the Premier League as it is cannot carry on forever as it is.

Sustain The Game

Last August, the FSA launched its’ Sustain The Game campaign with great fanfare. Bantams Supporters Trust is one of many Supporters Trusts to back this along with media pundits, academics, and politicians.

Sustain The Game 5 principles:

1. Protect our clubs

2. Transparency

3. Financial controls

4. Strengthen the pyramid

5. Supporter engagement

The FSA has made a series of proposals to the FA including a new Code of Practice on the Stewardship of Football Clubs – For further reading on the Sustain The Game campaign and the proposals go to the article here.

Lobby your MP to ensure football reform

The ideas of a European Super League or the ‘Project Big Picture’ are dead at least for now, but there is still a lot of work to reform football to be done.

Ian Mearns, Labour MP for Gateshead, has introduced an Early Day Motion (EDM) before Parliament calling for support from MPs who back the FSA’s reform proposals, and to make sure that fans are put front and centre of the upcoming fan-led review of football governance. Read more on this here.

Play your role in the Supporters Trust movement

There does appear to be so much going on at the moment. We are not an island, so we as Bradford City supporters will not be immune to events like the climb down of the proponents of the European Super League due to fan pressure. It shows that as a group of fans, we can unite on common themes that can impact on our Clubs and the game as a whole. We as fans need to recognize our collective strength.

What can I do?

As well as lobbying your MP on football reform you can take part in our Covid Survey:

Get in touch with us if you want to help us with developing the Trust and raise our profile, talk to us about a fundraising idea, meet with us, get in touch at [email protected].

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