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By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Sep 17 2021 07:17AM

Who we are

Bantams Supporters Trust is unique as it seeks to influence our Club in putting fans’ interests at the heart of everything it does.

As a Mutual Benefit Society, we are a not-for-profit organization based on democratic and representative principles, and exist independently of the club.

We were set up in 2002 when Bradford City was in financial crisis after it became clear that ex-Chairman Geoffrey Richmond had mismanaged the Clubs’ finances. In 2004, we played a leading role in fundraising for the ‘Save Our City’ campaign that raised £250,000 to keep our Club in business.

Being part of a wider supporters movement

Bantams Supporters Trust, are one 140 plus Supporters Trusts in the UK, and all English and Welsh football supporters Trusts are affiliated to the national football supporters body, FSA (Football Supporters Association). On issues that affect all supporters, we are at our most effective, standing together in unison.

What we do

We are in touch regularly with:

• Trust members and City fans by email, social media and special surveys to find out your views

• The club by meeting directly with CEO Ryan Sparks and as a member of the club’s Supporters’ Board

• National networks of other fans in League One and League Two clubs through the Football Supporters Association (FSA)

• Local community groups such as Bangla Bantams

• Local organisations such as the Independent Advisory Group of West Yorkshire Police

We raise money that:

• goes back to the club through player sponsorship and other routes,

• supports local charities such as the Plastic Surgery and Burns Unit

• or other good causes such as the Bradford City Women’s Football Club

Our job is to use all our contacts to identify issues of concern to City fans, to represent your interests, and to make a difference with practical initiatives.

How we go about our work

We are all volunteers, led by Trust Board Members and Officers elected at our AGM.

All members can participate in the AGM, submit their own motions for democratic decision or put themselves forward as candidates to be elected on to the Board.

The Trust Board meets monthly and Board Members are accountable to our members generally.

What are our current priorities?

We are working on a number of issues at the moment:

• Keeping football affordable in all manner of ways.

• Listing Valley Parade as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) with Bradford Council.

• Trialing Safe Standing.

• Contributing to the Government’s Fan-led Review, the best chance in years to influence government policy in fans’ favour, in order to narrow the gap between the poorest and wealthiest clubs and to strengthen supporter representation within the game.

• Moving towards a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as a formal agreement with the club that will identify common ground and deepen the relationship between our club and its supporters.

How do I Join the Trust?

The basic membership of the Trust is free, and open to all Bradford City supporters.

Join the Trust for free here.

We also have Patron members, who support the Trust financially by paying an annual subscription by standing order. The amount is your choice, from £3 a year upwards. Patron members help us cover our costs and enable us to give back even more to the club and other good causes.

Become a Patron Member here.

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By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Sep 16 2021 07:03AM

The findings of the FSA survey about attitudes to the return to stadiums shared with the EFL show what most people would’ve expected.

A majority, were willing to return as soon as the season started. Identity of being a football fan was major factor and that a desire to get back to normal was strong.

While the survey that initially went live in early July reveal an eagerness to return to stadiums this season, asking all age groups of both men and women, a significant minority had said they felt apprehensive.

Some fans delaying their return

Waiting to see how a return to stadiums would impact on the pandemic and wanting to see their clubs demonstrate they were safe for fans to return were the main factors in apprehensiveness in returning too hastily.

Other findings reveal that:

Most fans were opposed to reduced capacities or masks being made compulsory, and that away attendances would not be expected to fall once the season had begun.

For a more in depth look at how fans responded including figures, and who completed the survey, please see more here.

These findings were shown to the Club and Supporters Board, and it was felt that the Club had provided the appropriate Covid guidance measures in place, such as publishing it’s guidance policy on its website and signage around the ground as well as providing other measures such as sanitizer, contactless payments and so on within the stadium.

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By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Sep 14 2021 08:14AM

The UK Football Policing Unit would like to seek your views on policing at football fixtures and have created a survey to ask for your thoughts based on your experiences of attending football.

The Trust attends the West Yorkshire Police Football Supporters Independent Advisory Board (IAG) meetings and is interested to hear your views so we encourage members / City fans, especially those of you who travel to fill in this survey.

Also, we can facilitate a meeting with the Dedicated Football Officer (DFO) for Bradford, Rupert Kendrick in attendance for supporters to ask questions, raise issues and discuss ways on enhancing supporter / police relations. If you are interested in attending something like this please contact us at [email protected]

Fill in the survey here.

If you have any queries with the survey please contact the UKFPU directly via [email protected]

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By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Sep 10 2021 12:09PM

Our classic City designs of the past with our logo on them are continuing to sell, and we now have babygrows to welcome your new Bantam into the world.

We are continuing to work in partnerhip with Chablais Sport/World Retro to bring you our classic range of City shirts and now including babygrows.

The shirts also have Bradford Central Foodbank (who we’ve worked to support) logo on the shirtsleeves.

Proceeds of the shirts go to supporting us as well as the Foodbank.

Shirt costs £35 including delivery.

Babygrows are just £31.50.

A name and /or number can be added free of charge as well.

A bargain!

You can order your retro shirt here.

You can get in touch with them at this email address: [email protected]

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By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Sep 8 2021 07:21AM

Bantams Supporters Trust are really pleased that the Government have indicated that further standing areas will be coming to the top two divisions before the end of the season.

The Chair of the Trust, Manny Dominguez, who has long been an advocate of the railed seating technology in designated safe standing areas as adopted in Germany says, “we are a step closer to the realization of football being able to provide the choice to stand or sit throughout the top 2 division.”

The BBC reported on 29th August that ministers will instruct the regulator, the Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA), to choose early adopters for trials of standing areas in the Premier League and Championship as soon as possible.

If the initial trials prove successful, the expectation is legislation would be widened out to cover all stadiums in England’s top two divisions within the next few years.

A spokesperson for the Sports Ground Safety Authority said: “We are working closely with the government on planning the next steps for implementing this manifesto commitment.”

FSA chair Malcolm Clarke said: “People who want to stand should be able to do so in safety. Those who want to sit should be able to do so without having their view blocked.

“The safety and customer care arguments have been won. We would urge the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to proceed as soon as possible.”

To read more click on to the FSA article here.

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By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Aug 25 2021 07:56AM

We have a wide variety of surveys to assess how you watch the game, which include, ‘Women at the match’, findings from disabled supporters accessing the game, and a policing survey finding out how you view the policing of fixtures.

Women at the match

A new study has recently been launched – an FSA survey about women’s fan attitudes on attending football, and are looking for women fans from both the men’s and women’s games to give us their insight.

The survey builds on the report of the first FSA ‘Women at the Match‘ survey back in 2015, one of the largest ever pieces of research into women fans’ experiences of attending professional football.

Take part in the Women at the match survey here.

Findings from disabled supporters accessing the game

Around a third of disabled supporters say they have been put off going to the match according to a new national survey of disabled fans.

More than 1,400 disabled fans took part in a survey conducted by Level Playing Field,

a national disability access campaign group, and the results show a large number still feel excluded from live football.

The survey found that 30% of supporters felt unable to attend sporting venues due to poor access for disabled supporters. Additionally, 25% of respondents said that ‘anxiety or lack of confidence’ was a barrier when attending live sport. Following lengthy restrictions on attending live sport due to the pandemic, 73% of the supporters surveyed said they would want to attend a match ‘right away’ once permitted.

The top three COVID-19 measures that fans wanted in place when returning were hand sanitising stations, hand washing facilities, and mask wearing (bar exemptions).

Read the Level Playing Field Survey report here.

Policing survey

The UK Football Policing Unit (UKFPU) are after supporters' views on policing at football fixtures. Bantams Supporters Trust is involved in the West Yorkshire Football Supporters Police Independent Advisory Board (IAG) along with other football supporters groups and would be interested in the findings of this survey and how many Bradford City fans take part in it.

You can take part in the UK Football Policing Unit survey here.

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