By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Mar 20 2020 02:27PM

Dear all,

As of yesterday we have learnt from a joint statement from the FA, Premier League, EFL and women’s professional game, together with the PFA and LMA, that the postponement of fixtures of English football has been extended until the 30th of April and the FA Board agreed that the current season can be 'extended indefinitely'.

Whilst this is understandable in the present situation, the extended suspension will almost certainly have a detrimental impact in a whole manner of ways, not least financially on struggling clubs, but also calls into question how teams will finish, players contracts, and TV deal arrangements with the respective leagues in the foreseeable future.

You can see the full joint statement here.

We will try to update you as soon as we can.

With best wishes and stay safe from the Supporters Trust Board

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Mar 19 2020 10:43AM

In a rapidly changing environment that is unprecedented as a result of this flu pandemic here are some essential news items that you may find useful that includes:

The EFL statement Board meeting update about the remainder of this season;

Info about recovering money for match and rail tickets during the suspension of the season;

And FSA Statement on the Euro 2020

Yesterdays EFL Statement: The good news is that the intention is to bring bring the 19/20 season to a successful conclusion, but it is unclear how that will be. The other bit of good news is that there will be a £50m short-term cash-flow relief package for Clubs to mitigate the issue the current suspension of fixtures. To read the EFL Statement click here.

Info relating to refunds during the suspension of fixtures: Here is some advice and info if you are out of pocket having planned and bought tickets and rail tickets for away fixtures only to find that everything has been suspended. Read more from the FSA here.

The Euro 2020 FSA Statement: Yesterday it was also confirmed that the 2020 European Championships would be postponed until 2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You can read more here.

With best wishes from the Trust Board and stay safe.

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Mar 13 2020 11:28PM

Obviously it is very frustration for both City fans and the Club that games have been postponed due to Corona Virus situation up until April at least.

It will affect clubs more acutely at lower level that depend on attendances. The impact of the loss of footfall will be felt much more widely than our clubs. It will be felt in local pubs, bars, cafe's and restaurants as well as supermarkets and so on around our towns and cities.

It is a shock to many of us to see the level of precaution taken to stop the virus spreading in an unprecedented situation.

It is very frustrating it has come to this for everyone involved, but we have to put our trust in the health experts that are recommending these measures in a bid to ensure that our society is protected.

Manny Dominguez

BCST Chair & FSA National Council as Rep for Leagues 1 & 2

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Mar 11 2020 09:48PM

We are an independent, democratic, not-for-profit supporters organisation, wholly owned by our members and run by volunteers. We are dedicated to promoting the interests of City Supporters and their Club. Membership is free and is open to all Bradford City Fans with the long-term sustainable success of the Club at heart. We always aim to have the benefit of the fans, the Club and the community at the centre of everything we do.

We have been in existence ever since 2002 and have a growing membership base of over 870 to date whilst engaging with the Club and getting involved in community activities.

The Supporters Trust Board, feel it is time we conduct an extensive survey into our relationship with you the members and find out what you want and your ideas on what we can do better.

To begin the survey, please click here.

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Feb 28 2020 09:16AM

The Trust has been shocked and disappointed at the behaviour of a mindless minority of so-called Newport fans when the Bantams were guest opponents at Rodney Parade.

The abuse Stuart McCall received and the Leeds United banner displayed represents a new low in the increasing trend of incidents that we see that are just not acceptable in our game.

We welcome our Club's reporting of the incidents to the FA and Newport County's swift actions in working with it's shareholders and the authorities to identify those involved in order.

We also share Newport County's zero tolerance on discriminatory behaviour of any kind and that we would like to work towards seeing all our football grounds being an inclusive and welcoming place for everyone.

The Supporters Trust believes that everyone can play their part in ensuring discriminatory behaviour can be stamped out of our football grounds and society by working collectively towards it.

The Trust Board

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Feb 24 2020 09:14PM

The Football Supporters' Association Away Fans Survey has been running throughout 2019/20, to get to the heart of the most important matchday issues.

Streamlined from previous years, completing the survey only takes 2 minutes, and we would really appreciate you taking your time to let us know your thoughts.

If you could fill in the survey for your most recent away trip, we'd really appreciate it.