BCST representatives are in regular communication with Bradford City management, and the Trust is a full member of Supporters' Direct and an affiliate of the Football Supporters' Federation.


Membership is open to all Bradford City supporters' and members of the local community who have an interest in the game of football.


The Trust Board is answerable and accountable to the Membership



BCST is owned by its members. One member, one share, one vote.

The Trust is run by the Trust board, which is subject to democratic processes;

To grow Trust Membership and, through processes of regular consultation and communication, take full account of and represent their views to the Club


To work with the Club so that full account is taken of the interests of its supporters, both as loyal fans and commercial customers.


To strengthen the bonds between the Club and the community which it serves.


To promote the game of football as a recreational activity, and the use of the club's facilities as a focus for initiatives in education, health, leisure and shared futures for the Bradford District.


To strengthen supporters' representation within the administration of the Club.


To provide support to Youth Development and Community Foundation

Trust Principles;

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Welcome to the official website of Bradford City Supporters Trust. We are an independent, democratic, not-for-profit supporters organisation, wholly owned by our members and run by volunteers. We are dedicated to promoting the interests of City Supporters and their Club. Membership is free and is open to all Bradford City Fans with the long-term sustainable success of the Club at heart. See More

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